STULZ Panel Mounted Air Conditioners

Solution for the problems resulting from high temperature in automation panels, engine control panels, compensation-PLC panels and electrical panel boards is Panel board – Cabinet Air conditioning systems. For this purpose STULZ production Panel mounted Air conditioner solutions are offered. Panel mounted Air conditioners provide advantage of reduced cost in the long term because they are maintenance free and unfiltered.

Slim-In-2017 Protherm-Outdoor-2017 TOP-II-2017 Protherm-Indoor-2017 EXW-2017
    • Maintenance and service free
    • Long life
    • Esthetical design
    • Product range
    • Air conditioners
    • Air to air heat exchangers
    • Air to water heat exchangers
    • Outdoor air conditioners
    • Outdoor air to air heat exchangers

    Indoor Air conditioners = Protherm, Top , Slim ,Slim In , Opera , Module ,
    Smart ,Explosion Proof , Rack Ere , Spot Cooler Ece , Prodigy
    Outdoor Air conditioners = Evo Air , Evo In
    Heat exchangers = X-Line , Exw , XvoOutdoor